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What day did Noah start building the ark?

Exactly how old IS dirt?

Were the first false teeth REALLY made of wood?

Who knew Moby Dick when he was just a tadpole?

How many candles does it take to melt the icing on a cake?

What really sunk the Titanic?

Which REALLY came first, the chicken or the egg?

What was Alley Oop's club made out of?

Why did Ali Babba have only 40 thieves?

What day of the year did the Ice Age begin?

What did Columbus really say when he saw dry land?

What color were Robin Hood's tights?

What year did Fred n Wilma get married?

Why does the postman ring twice?

How long have aliens been landing on earth?

What if Adam hadn't bitten Eve's apple?

For the answers to these questions,
just ask our Pterodactyl flying chat buddy...

which as word would have it,
is a sport she dearly misses... *EWG*

We really didn't want to post her age,
so please leave your best guess....

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