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Welcome to my home away from home!
Please bear with me as I update my page!
I guess you are going to want the "dirt" on me...
for starters I live in a small town outside of San Antonio, Texas.
I enjoy the moonlight, taking walks along the river, candles,
roses, angels, and of course teddy bears!
I also enjoy chatting! Until recently, I could be found in

This chatroom had some of the best chatters on the net!
I would mention some of them by name....but I would definitely leave someone out...
But not on purpose mind you! *L*
I will take this opportunity tho to thank one of the
kindest, sweetest, generous, most wonderful men on the internet today...
Thank you for the many many many years of fun I had in 30s!
Those years will NEVER be forgotten!
Please keep in touch! I wish you only the best life has to offer!

Please sit back and relax
and take a little trip thru my little piece of heaven!
Please check back often as I do change things!
Yes I know...just like a woman...always changing things! *L*
Before you leave, please feel free to drop me a line
or a message about your visit here today!

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Proud to be a member of the Absolute Angels!
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Learn not to hate!

this gif will always remind me of you!
An angel here on earth called home all too soon!

Remembering the 12 who lost their lives!

The most jolly of the Squishy Things,
he is all about love not war...
*wondering who that sounds like!* *S*