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Once upon a time a dashing knight in shining armor fell in love with a fair maiden. Their courtship was short but sweet. It ended when the maiden left the knight while he was out defending the kingdom. Through many strange twists and turns, fate would eventually step in and the knight and maiden would find love in each other's arms again.

The courtship was a whirlwind romance. The knight brought a beautiful Princess and the maiden brought a young son to their UNholy alliance. Their marriage was 25 years in the making and the knight could not wait one minute longer! After their marriage, unbeknownst to the dashing knight, this fair maiden would turn into the Princess'

Who did the maiden think she was?

She had the audacity to treat the Princess like gold! She did things like remembering the Princess' birthday. The evil stepmom even opened up her castle to the Princess. Many days the wicked stepmom could be found out and about doing things for the Princess. She would even play chauffeur to the Princess whenever she wanted to go to the neighboring kingdom.

The wicked evil stepmother was making herself a permanent fixture in the Princess and Knight's lives! What was wrong with the knight? Couldn't he see what the "maiden" was doing?

Could love REALLY be that blind?

It has been 10 years since the maiden and knight married. As the story goes, they are living

Disclaimer: This page was all HER idea!
What a GREAT lady and stepmom!
She has a sense of humor and loves 'poking fun' at herself!
Just to let you know, this story is the truth put in fair tale form.
They did get back together almost 25 years to the day
and I for one could not be any happier!